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The activities at truck shows can vary but most of them have some standard things that are to be expected. To start, almost every show that lasts at least a full day will have some type of food vendor or food trucks available for spectators. Oftentimes spectators are not allowed to bring in outside coolers or food so the show management will do their best to provide food options for you. This can range anywhere from pizza and coffee to barbeque and tacos.

As long as the venue is large enough and they have a space to allow it, there will often be a burnout pit. You can definitely expect this at any show where the venue is a race track. The burnout pit is a huge attraction and there is typically a reward for the winner. Make sure you bring an extra set of tires if you plan to participate in this one. The dyno is another popular and common activity that is found at most of the larger shows. If you’re feeling like you have a lot of horsepower under the hood then this is your time to shine! Most of the draw to this event is watching to see if someone will create an exciting explosion so have your camera ready.

Some less common activities that are found at some shows are truck and/or tractor pulls, obstacle courses or mud pits, bikini contests and raffles. Depending on the size of the venue there may even be kid specific activities like ball pits or bouncy castles. These shows are also a great opportunity to bring the kids out and let them get pictures with their favorite trucks or cars that they wouldn’t normally see every day driving down the road.

The vendors at these shows can vary greatly and are typically announced way in advance. If you’re looking to see a specific vendor I recommend checking the show’s Instagram page as this is where they will often advertise it. For smaller single day shows you can expect to see mostly local vendors. Some of these may not even be related to the automotive industry at all. It’s not uncommon to see local woodworkers, sign makers, or even vendors selling things like tumblers and gifts.

For the larger multi-day events there will be a larger selection of vendors. These vendors range from wheels and aftermarket auto parts to mobile detailers to retail shops. Again, it is recommended to check the show’s Instagram page if looking for a specific vendor, but make sure you bring your wallet when attending the larger shows. It’s an opportunity to pick up a custom exhaust tip, wheel spikes, shirts, hats, or even a set of wheels and tires for your ride!

These shows provide a chance for people to stop and network with some of the same brands that may be used to customize their vehicles, and oftentimes the vendors look forward to networking with their users just as much. You can learn more about their brands and find out about upcoming products this way, so take advantage of it while you’re there.


Almost every show will have awards that are given out towards the end. For a multi-day event these are presented on the last day so make sure you stick around if you want to see whether or not your favorite vehicle won!

Most shows will have their “top pick” awards which are typically a top 20, top 50 or even top 100 for larger shows. Then they will have the “best of” awards for best jeep, best ford, best lift, best wrap, best woman owned, etc… And to top it off you have the highest ranked awards for best of show or people’s choice. Some shows will add their own categories like best booth display, most exotic or most represented club.

The judging will either be all vehicles judged together or separated by classes for general, VIP or booth. They try to make it fair but people don’t always agree with the results. Ultimately, please remember the purpose of these shows which is to network with friends in the community, provide the chance for others (especially kids) to enjoy vehicles that they don’t get to see on a daily basis, some host fundraisers to give back to those in need and just spread the love and enjoyment that comes from this hobby!

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